Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sturgis promo 2013

Seems like I just got done with last year's Sturgis promo just a few months ago...

I've had a great time this Summer--lots of fun, but also always busy and on the move!  We had a family reunion during late July, which was nice, kind of a relaxer after some of the business that comes with editing wedding videos.  Yet even there, I found plenty opportunities to bring out my camera and snap some shots.

It was two days after we got back from that when we set out for Sturgis.  I was able to ride my bike up the whole way, which is definitely the farthest I've ever ridden in a couple days.  (Actually, Josh and I got to ride our bikes back home together in one day.  To top that all off, we were in soaking rain.  That was tough--and yet somehow fun, too...)

At Sturgis, I was very busy every day helping prepare for the daily kids show and watch bouncehouses.  Whenever I got time in between, I'd grab my camera and take a little footage or some photos.  Not sure where all the time went, but it did go by fast!

When we came back home, I gathered my footage from this year and from years past and assembled what I have embedded below...a friend needed it the Sunday after we got back home, but I was able to edit it and upload it just in time!

Sturgis Need from Zachary Hubbell on Vimeo.

This is a short video I made when I was up at Sturgis this year. Have a friend who needed something he could show his church real soon after the event was over, so I made the best short video I could in a small amount of time. Had some fun with the black-on-white look, I don't think I've ever really done that in a video before, as usually it's white text on a black background. However, the design coupled with the music made for a different, interesting feel, I thought.

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